We’ve passed $400K

April 23, 2017


Let’s party!🎉

Thanks for getting Kniterate this far, we are very excited about the new opportunities that come from raising four times our funding goal. All of this is possible because of you!

This, of course, also means there are less (36!) machines left before our $4,699 batch is over.

The top image shows how we’ve used the six yarn carriers Kniterate has to combine six different colors on each row. Check the video below to see it in action!

Meet the team

We will be doing a Kickstarter Live on Wednesday, April 26. We will guide you through Kniterate and have a Q&A.

Send some of the questions in advance replying to this email so we can better manage our time and answer as many as possible. We will also leave the last 10–20 minutes of the session for an AMA.

What have we been knitting lately

We’ve added videos and pictures on our campaign page over the last days to better illustrate the capabilities of Kniterate.

We are also super excited about our new collaboration with knitwear designer from NYC Lindsay Degen. We are having a great time working with her and are really excited to have her share the work she’s done with Kniterate. ❤️

We will be posting updates on Instagram and Twitter. Follow us if you want to be updated!

What others are saying 📰

Our advisor Nat Hunter from Machines Room wrote about Kniterate as a tool for makerspaces. Read her post here.

There have also been more articles published about us, all linked in our FAQ.

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