Warming Up

May 10, 2017


Our campaign ended yesterday and we had much to celebrate, the most important thing being the incredible support of our 488 backers!

For the momentous occasion, our brilliant advisors Freddie Robbins and Carolyn Clewer dropped by Machines Room and shared ideas about how to show Kniterate’s capabilities to the designer community.

Conclusion? Expect more collaborations and a yarn party (not literally…or maybe?) after this summer!


For dinner we went to our favourite restaurant in London’s Chinatown to celebrate and talk about the road ahead. We feel excited and responsible at the same time.

Given that the next year includes a big amount of time in China we’ve started looking a small flat for the team. As always, the factory owner is helping us with this. There’s a lot of housing supply in the city and you can rent a three bedroom flat for $500. Always a relief when you come from London.

We will fly back there towards the end of June to implement the changes to improve Kniterate’s speed and start manufacturing.

Thank you!

Thanks to all our backers again, and to our friends and family for supporting us during all this time.

We would also like to thank David Williams from Comfe Designs for taking the time to organize a live interview with us. If you missed it, you can still watch it if you visit Comfe’s facebook page. Like the page and keep up with all things related to the knitting industry.

Love from the Kniterate team!

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