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June 03, 2017


Hi! It’s time for an update!

For the last few weeks we’ve been quite busy with startup housekeeping. After all running a micro-multinational does require some paperwork.

There’s been a lot of interest to pre-order more Batch 2 Kniterate machines after the Kickstarter campaign was over, so we are setting up everything appropriately. Thanks for your patience!

We’ve also had some more backers and followers come to visit us at Machines Room.

Ýr, a student at the Glasgow School of Art and backer.

Members of the London of College of Fashion staff Sophie and Sanam.,

Alexander Dluzak, a video reporter from the German television channel DW, come to film Kniterate. After doing this he visited our backer Valentina Karellas in her North London studio for an interview.

The report will last around 10 minutes and be available online. We’ll share it as soon as it’s out! It’s going to be dubbed into a few languages.


We have been in touch with potential candidates for our electrical and mechanical engineering positions. They will be coming to China to help us improve the speed of the machine during the summer. Interested? Let us know!

Talking about China, the factory is drafting our support letters for the visa application. We will have our visas in two weeks and plan to fly to China by the end of this month. Back to our factory adventures! We are planning to take Chinese lessons too, it will be nice to be able to communicate with workers in the factory floor. #FactoryCred


We are working on relaunching the website soon, and we will create a dedicated space for the community to discuss all things Kniterate. There are different options for this, but we are thinking of a message board with an invitation-only room for our Kniterate backers to discuss the user interface of the app. We will roll-over invitations in stages, starting with our Early Birds.

Last week Dr Vikki Haffenden from the University of Brighton visited us to discuss Knitting CAD interfaces, which we spent hours doing. It was great to have her over, we are looking forward to have her feedback on our technology.


We’ve been receiving emails from knitwear designers to collaborate with us. We can’t wait to make exciting work with all of you but we will start to do this after the summer. For the next months we will be focusing solely on manufacturing.

We are also very interested in testing yarns local to our backers and designers. Get in touch with us, so we can test your yarns on a Kniterate.

This is all for now, you can send us any questions by replying to this email.


Kniterate Team

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