Life in the Fast Lane

August 10, 2017


It’s almost been a month since we arrived to China and we’ve made great progress on different fronts.

The Kniterate “boyband” posing in the factory: Triambak, Laurence, Gerard and Tom.

Team efforts

The arrival of Laurence and Tom marks a new high point in our work implementing the features demanded by our backers.

We redesigned the internal structure to work on the top spec update requested by our backers: Speed

Trading Places

These upgrades affect the specs published during our Kickstarter because we are working with two opposing variables. Speed and weight.

As we increase speed, the machine needs to get heavier to remain stable under the forces generated by the momentum of the carriage.

Much of the value of the machine rests on its ability to knit at a speed that makes it an investment worthy of use in a commercial settings. We’ve concluded that increasing speed at the detriment of a heavier machine is the appropriate path to follow.

Shipping costs for a box this size are calculated volumetrically, rather than being based on weight, making the impact on shipping cost minimal.

At the time of the campaign we said that the machine would run at 0.4 m/s. After initial tests with the new sturdier structure we are confident the machine is going to be able to run a bit faster than that.

We will keep you informed about this and other specs as we progress.

New electronics

A faster machine also requires a different way to control it. The system has to be able to signal the same operations but at a higher pace.This basically means selecting the needles accurately and reliably while the carriage moves much quicker. For this, we’ve redesigned the electronics of the machine from scratch.

Modular design for the electronics with cards for easier development and maintenance

This has been a great opportunity to start rewriting the firmware, implementing optimizations we’ve had in mind for a while. These will help reduce the knitting time a bit, while adding some new features.

Design platform

Since things are taking shape in the hardware front, we are excited to have started with efforts focused on the user experience of the design platform. If you backed us with a Kniterate and completed the survey we sent you, we will soon be asking you to join us in this conversation.

Enjoy your summer holidays.


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