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September 14, 2017


We hope you’ve had a nice holiday break. We are bringing you another update of all things Kniterate.

Discover Kniterate dot com

For two months we’ve been working on an a new website that puts together our updates, gives you more details about our product and most importantly, provides a space for our community. From now on you will be able to be in touch with the team to discuss the progress and features of our product and also to meet other community members.

Visit our new website and create an account! We are looking forward to having you in our community.

For those backers who pledged a machine and completed the survey we sent you, we will provide you access to a special section of the forum. You will be able to provide us with feedback by having first dibs on the software and be in a unique position to influence its shape.

We would like to thank Amber and Kwong for their patience and professionalism throughout the design and development of the new website.

Batch 2 is available again

For those that have been asking, we are now taking pre-orders again.

The number of machines will be limited to 65. When the machines sell out or once the two months are over, we will create a new batch, increasing the price of pre-orders again.

The estimated delivery for this batch is August 2018 and you will also be given access to our especial forum section.

Development status

So far, so good. Everything has played out as planned and we are on schedule for the estimated shipping, next April.

We are now finalizing the last parts of the updated model and the results are promising. We want the machine to have a few hours more of testing under its belt before providing you with precise details.

We are still juggling with some parameters and features to find the best and more efficient settings. We will update you with all this information within the two upcoming updates.

A founder’s sheep

In the valleys of the Basque Country, there’s a small village, from where Triam’s family comes. Gerard and him used to go on surf trips there, chasing the autumn swells of the Atlantic Ocean.

Despite downsizing the farm over the years, as it became less profitable, there’s always been a flock of sheep providing entertainment.

Many of you work with wool, some of you even have wool farms and mills, so you are aware that it can be hard to make money as a small producer these days. Nonetheless, these sheep live quiet lives, get gently sheared, and the wool gets picked up, although we are not sure where it ends.This is all done because of how much pleasure the family derives from having sheep on their lands. One of the aunties even calls shepherding a relaxing pass time!
We hope you enjoy meeting them.

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-The Kniterate Team

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