A New Normal: The London Knitters

September 22, 2017


Filmmaker Paul Wyatt interviewed our backers Layla Chelache and Valentina Karellas on the occasion of the “A New Normal” exhibition in Machines Room for the London Design Festival 2017.

Discover their studios and hear them discuss the fashion industry, knitting and the future with Kniterate.

From Paul Wyatt’s website:

Paul Wyatt was commissioned by The Royal College of Art to shoot and produce two films which looked at projects which are pioneering new ways of making today. These projects were not just one-off items for individuals, but are establishing a ‘new normal’ where manufacturing is redistributed and mass means ‘by the masses’ not en-masse.

The films were shown at an exhibition at Machines Room called “A New Normal” as part of London Design Festival 2017.

This film looks at the work of London based knitters Layla Chelache and Valentina Karellas.

Filmed and produced by Paul Wyatt


Kniterate would like to thank all of those involved in the production of this piece.

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