Kniterate wishes you a happy festive season!

December 20, 2017


To our community,

We are taking a short Christmas break, but not before wishing you all a great festive season and Happy New Year!

It’s been an amazing year for everyone at Kniterate and we would like to thank you all for making it possible. Especial thanks go to our backers, Nat Hunter (Machines Room) for believing in us from day one and Carolyn Clewer (LCF) for helping us with all things knitting.

2018 is the year you play with the first Kniterate knitting machines in your studio, school and makerspace. We can’t wait to see the amazing knits you are going to make! #Kniterate

2017 | Year of the Rooster

April – Our Kickstarter raised its funding goal of $100K in one hour. That was a fun launch party at Machines Room! For the campaign we collaborated with the amazing designers Matthew Head and Lindsay Degen (thank you!). We surpassed $400k after a few weeks.

May – Our campaign ended up raising $636K

June – We spent some more time in London meeting our backers and preparing our move to China.

July – We returned to China.

August – Laurence and Tom joined us for a few weeks.

September – Amber and Kwong finished our new website. Chen joined the team, helping us with Kniterate’s firmware.

December – We updated our timeline for the delivery of Batch 1 and Batch 2 has almost sold out. The estimated delivery date for Batch 3 will be October 2018. We will make 150 units available at a new price that can be locked in with a deposit.

China Happenings

Below are two stories that we didn’t have a chance to share with you.

Visiting a Global Knitwear Factory 

If you’ve watched our Kickstarter campaign video you will recognize Yi Ling. A graduate from LCF, Yi Ling is a highly technical and creative knitwear designer that helped us knitting some pieces with Kniterate’s knitting machine in 2016.

Recently Yi Ling was visiting China to meet a family friend, Janny, who owns Walinco, a knitwear factory. Luckily we got invited! The visit gave us a chance to see how knitwear for major brands is produced.

After lunch in the factory we drove to Tonglu, the “knitwear county”, where we visited many wholesalers and even had a chance to do some gift shopping.

The International Trade Woolen Sweater Plaza (North)

Paris Essex visit China

Our advisor Carolyn Clewer and her friend Tiphaine de Lussy, together Paris Essex, exhibited during the International Exhibition of Creative Pattern part of the ICPDC2017 Symposium. The event was organized by the Hangzhou municipality and China Academy of Art.

We had a chance to catch up with them, meet Chinese design students and discover the scenic city.

Paris Essex, big in China.

Sharing bikes in Hangzhou.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this light update and that you’re looking forward to more Kniterate news next year.

For a 2018 full of colorful and wild knitting!

-Kniterate Team

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