This Will Be Our Year

January 30, 2018


Hi everyone,

As you all know 2018 is a very exciting year for Kniterate!

After years of relentless work to create the first digital desktop knitting machine, we are just a few months away to ship the first to you.

From that moment on, you will become the protagonist of Kniterate’s journey. We can’t wait to see what you share! #Kniterate



Once again, Laurence visited the factory. His work included making improvements to mechanical parts and redesigning and building a new jig, improving the accuracy of the assembly process.

Laurence and Chen discussing the jig with the CNC operator. Location: Batcave

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

We’ve had the machine running for plenty of hours of testing. So far so good. Minor adjustments for the next iteration are being implemented. Hundreds of more hours of testing still to come.

Binding off during tests


We are hoping to strike a balance between two factors. One is sharing a simple version of software (what techies call the MVP) as soon as possible, the other is that the software should be intuitive and require little support from our side, at least when it comes to the basics.

Currently the software’s user interface (UX) is at a very primitive stage. Designing with it without any guidance requires a good understanding of industrial knitting technology. It’s also lacking many of the basic features available in modern design software (think of “copy-paste” type features).

If we publish too soon, we may find ourselves dealing with basic issues, rather than getting feedback for knitting-related features. After all, any complaints from you would be very reasonable (“Why can’t I copy paste?”). Given this, we think that it makes sense to avoid this situation by taking some more time to implement those features.

In any case, we are not impervious to the teachings of the “Lean Startup”, and to the cons of spending too much time “perfecting” the product rather than delivering it. Talking about this helps create a healthy debate inside the team of when is the best time to share.

The reason why we are a bit behind on the front end is because we’ve focused on rewriting the back end, the part of the software that converts the design into K-code (the machine instructions). Rewriting it has made the machine run much more efficiently and has allowed us to generate more complex pieces, which are better for testing.

To speed up the development of the UX, we’ve opened a Front End Developer position (more below).


Careers at Kniterate

We are looking to progressively expand our team in London and China over the next months.

We’ve created four new job positions:

You can also visit our careers section here.

Do you know someone that could be a good fit for any of the positions? Please don’t hesitate to share this with them. If you help us find a successful candidate, we will make you a custom sweater, designed by you!



We just received all the yarn to make your scarves and we will be producing them over the next month. Making 140 scarves non-stop is going to be an excellent test for the machines.

Kniterate went shopping.

For those that supported us with a scarf, now it’s the time to go into KS and add your address.



We have sold out our second batch. The third batch is expected to ship in October 2018.

To make your waiting period easier, we only require you to put a deposit that locks in the current pre-order price. You will have to pay the rest of the balance closer to manufacturing.

There are currently only 17 knitting machines available, until March 15. After that day, we plan to reduce the gap between pre-order and retail price again.

You can get your Kniterate digital knitting machine here.

Pre-Order Price

$5,999 | €6,375 (inc. VAT) | £5,659 (inc. VAT) | CAD 7,999

(until March 15, 2018)

Pay Now

$1,500 | €1,800 (inc. VAT) | £1,800 (inc. VAT) | CAD 1,500

…and The Rest Later

    $4,499 | €4,575 (inc.VAT)  | £3,859 (inc. VAT) | CAD 6,499

First Delivery Onwards

$7,499 | €8,099 (inc. VAT) | £7,199 (inc. VAT) | CAD 9,780


Thank you for reading!

-Kniterate Team

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