Bigger everything, anyone?

August 29, 2018


This is a quick update that requires your input. We’ve been working non-stop during this summer and we have a question for you:

30 or 36 inches long needle bed?

We’ve been meeting with some of you in London this summer and after seeing the machine, some of you raised concerns about the size of the needle bed. Worrying that it will limit the production to certain sizes.

Depending on the yarn and tension used, the current needle bed will be suitable for up to an L size standard fitting sweater. If we extend the needle bed by 6 inches, production of XL sizes will be possible.

At Kniterate we want to build the best machines for you and for that reason we want your help. Constant communication with you allows us to be agile and introduce new changes.

We are happy to make this change if you want us to. We’ve redesigned the machine to understand what it would mean, and the increase seems straightforward.

We now have designs for both sizes (30 and 36 inch) so you can “choose your own adventure”. Do you want Kniterate to stay the course or for us to manufacture 36 inch machines? (It’s one or the other).

We don’t expect your choice to alter the manufacturing timeline, but we do need to know now, as we have to order the molds.

The changes would mean:

  1. A machine 162 mm wider, for a total of 1.50m (same height and depth)
  2. Around 13 kg more, total TBD
  3. An additional increase on the pre-order and retail price from September 17, 2018 onwards ($100-$200).

Important! No extras related to this change would be charged to our current backers and the price for the 20 machines left until September 17 will remain unchanged.  It’s our Subway offer, you get 6 inches more for free.


We’ll close the poll a week from now, on the 5th of September. We ask your email so that only one vote is cast per person, but we will delete any private information once the polling has concluded.

That’s all for today. We’ll write to you next month with the results of the poll and our usual comprehensive update.

Until then, enjoy what’s left of the summer!

-Kniterate Team

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