Changing the world a knitting machine at a time

September 05, 2018


When we shared with you our proposal for a bigger needle bed it was an extension of the ideas that define Kniterate. Remember Gerard’s first line on our Kickstarter video? “We come in all shapes and sizes”.

Since the beginning, our goal has been to build a platform that democratized fashion by promoting inclusivity and local manufacturing.

Our community agrees

The response has been overwhelmingly in favor of the extension. You want a knitting machine to create knits of all shapes and sizes.

Of 106 backers who voted, 96.2% were in favor of the change. For potential customers, this was 98.9%, despite the expected price increase.

There were, however, backers, which preferred a smaller version, the reason being increased weight and the extra space required in the house. In most cases, the weight of the machine will be a problem to deal with once, and it has the positive effect of making the machine more stable during operation. We do hope you will be able to find an extra 6 inches 🏡📏 and apologize for the inconvenience this change is causing.

Questions you asked:

“What would the new needle count be for each bed with the larger size?”

We haven’t changed the gauge (7), so this will be 252 needles (7 x 36 in).

“How does this affect the projected timeline?”

We will be making the final jig this month and it will be adapted to the new length. We don’t have to redo any part or process in the machine, the size increase has now been introduced without difficulties in the development of the latest prototype, being assembled this month.

So that’s the result of the survey. Thanks to everyone who participated!


Before the survey, we ran some FEA (Finite Element Analysis) with different structural scenarios to evaluate if manufacturing a 36 inches machine was feasible with minor changes. With a slight modification in the structure, we are able to achieve nearly the same structural stability as the 30 inches machine, which confirms that it will not be an issue. The GIF below helps us visualize the deformation of the horizontal bodies when the operational load is applied to the center of the machine.

This is all for now, but we are planning a longer update towards the end of this month with a bunch of news!

Thank you!

-Kniterate Team

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