April 25, 2019



Hi everyone!

We hope you’ve all been well since our last update.

As you can imagine, Kniterate has been busy hitting our development timeline goals and meeting many of you in London. Thanks for being part of the community online and coming from places far afield to spend time with us. If you made the decision to pre-order after meeting us and seeing the machine we really appreciate it!

Without further ado.



Over the last few weeks, we’ve been working on our latest prototype. After discovering minor issues we had to redesign some of the parts. We produced them, some didn’t meet our specifications, and we had to repeat them. So it was not until last week that we got them right and finally assembled them.

This is the machine out of the jig. After this step, it continues taking shape with the attachment of sub-assemblies

This latest machine has been on test for a few days and so far so good. We did detect a minor issue with the roller that we will try to solve during the next days, while the machine keeps running.


We are ordering the remaining parts of the casing between this week and the next one and we will put them all together around mid-May. This will define the final look and feel of the machine. Our current work revolves around improving aesthetic elements that don’t affect how the machine works.


We’ve made many changes for the last iteration and this time, things have worked out really well. We also completed a major change by integrating the microprocessor of our prototyping microcontroller into our own controller board, with a bunch of other tweaks to have better control of the hardware. Everything has been working well and no issues have been found.

The back of the display board with the SD card slot. We produced 3 copies of each board, one for the running machine and the other ones for testing and debugging.

There are a few improvements we are still working on right now that will allow us to polish the current design into the final production version. Once we’ve wrapped up these changes, the boards will be ordered early next month.


While we focused on the electronics we’ve left the firmware aside. Once these new boards are on their way, we will get back to the firmware to make the machine work as well as it possibly can.



We are very excited to start planning for the manufacturing phase, there are still some more milestones to achieve in this final stretch before we can move on to production, but we are starting to put all the pieces together in preparation of the big day.

We are developing fixtures to smooth out the assembly process. These fixtures help the worker to quickly put each part accurately in its place, increasing the efficiency and repeatability of the process. The assembly line will consist of different assembly stations, each one with its dedicated fittings, tools, and fixtures to assemble a very specific part of the machine.

We have been going through our bill of materials and talking with our suppliers to get them ready to start producing the parts necessary for the Early Bird machines.  We’ve noticed that some components from the knitting machine have stopped being manufactured, so we are now looking for alternatives. Nothing to worry about as China has a massive manufacturing base, making it easy to find factories producing the same parts (or open to making them).

We are working on tying the loose ends we have in different areas. Given our progress during the last couple of months, we are confident that we will be ready to start sourcing all the components for the first machines this June and start manufacturing in July.  🙌


In the meantime, in London, the knitting machine has been running without issues as we produce samples and use it on workshops and visits.

Loooong testing sample alternating different types of stitches

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We have used 50% of the cash we’ve received from you (from 44% on our last update). 50% of all the funds you have given to us are safely deposited.

Pre-Orders (new pre-order and retail prices)

We feel extremely lucky to have had such a patient and supportive community since our Kickstarter. We have always aimed to price the machine fairly so that the investment made sense for those supporting us in our early steps.

At Kniterate we want to support designers and small businesses to make locally, ethically and sustainably. Our product is a long-term investment that contributes to manufacturing and education, supporting and strengthening your community.

As we get ready for manufacturing and prepare for this new period, we find ourselves having to think about how to price our product so that it fairly reflects the amount of value that it contributes to its users and the costs associated with producing and supporting our knitting machines, and building state of the art knitting software that anyone can use.

We will follow the schedule below to increase the prices, which is strongly tied to our manufacturing plans. We hope that having a roadmap for those increases will allow you to make the best decision for you. The deposit mechanism will remain available until we clear out our backlog of pre-orders, although the amount to be deposited will also increase.

We want to give all of you, who have followed us or visited us and are still on the fence, an opportunity to pre-order the machine at the current price. For this reason, we will only start increasing prices at the end of May.

We hope that a month gives you enough time to think about this and gather the funds you need for the deposit. Please visit our website to learn more, ask us any questions and meet us in London or on a call. We’d love to hear from you and understand more about your production needs.


CurrentMay 24Jun 28Jul 26Aug 23Sep 27
Pay Deposit$1,500$1,700$1,900$2,100$2,300$2,500
…and the rest later$5,999$6,299$6,599$6,899$7,199$7,499


(inc. VAT)CurrentMay 24Jun 28Jul 26Aug 23Sep 27
Pay Deposit€1,800€2,040€2,280€2,520€2,760€3,000
…and the rest later€6,099€6,359€6,519€6,679€6,839€6,999


(inc. VAT)CurrentMay 24Jun 28Jul 26Aug 23Sep 27
Pay Deposit£1,800£2,040£2,280£2,520£2,760£3,000
…and the rest later£5,259£5,459£5,519£5,779£5,939£6,199


CurrentMay 24Jun 28Jul 26Aug 23Sep 27
Pay DepositC$1,500C$1,700C$1,900C$2,100C$2,300C$2,500
…and the rest laterC$8,449C$8,999C$9,499C$9,899C$10,399C$10,899


Thanks for reading our update!

Visit our community if you have any questions.

-Kniterate Team

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