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July 25, 2019


Here’s our latest update, bringing you news about our progress and our plans for the next month.



Getting as close to delivery as we are, discrepancies between the dates we promised and reality become unavoidable and delays very visible. After all, we should be shipping the first units in two or three weeks. If you have been following us, your intuition is probably right, we are going to be late.

The team is making every effort to stick to the timeline we’ve shared with our backers on the website forum and deliver. We have developed a range of estimates for potential delays, but at this stage, we think that it’s a disservice to you and to us to keep talking about delays in the same way as we used to.  

Previously we offered a bird’s eye view of the project. You trusted us to stick through to the end and deliver. Thank you! Now it’s all about shipping your unit to you, and delivery estimates can be a bit harder to pin down at that level of granularity. This is the first time we do this. 

We believe that once we’ve shipped the first 25 units, we will be able to speak truthfully about how fast we can deliver the remaining units, and potentially pick up the pace.

As always, backers can follow the timeline for weekly updates and communicate with us regarding their unit, if the information we share is not sufficient. By doing this publicly, on our community board, we are held accountable and you are able to follow a transparent delivery process. 

We will ship each unit with the peace of mind of having done our best work, rather than shipping under the pressure of hitting a self-imposed target based on events falling into place perfectly.



So yes, it’s happening! What did you think? This week we have started sourcing components for your machines and we will continue doing so during the next couple of weeks. We are focusing on ordering first components that take longer to be produced; large customized parts like the needle beds, the carriage servo motor, the casing, etc. The next stage will be to order off-the-shelf components like smaller motors, bearings, nuts, and bolts, that have much shorter lead times.

Working with our suppliers we have agreed delivery times, we always work hard and try to squeeze a few days to our advantage. Doing this has allowed us to have a clearer idea of the manufacturing schedule, which is reflected in the timeline.



Today we’ve pushed a new update on the design app. Do remember that this is only accessible to our machine backers.

We keep building the foundations of the app and once all of the groundwork is done we should be able to build features on top of this foundation at a faster pace.

For those of you who have access, you’ll be able to experience the first steps of importing an image (to do that go to the right-side panel and click “Config” at the bottom of it) and the selection of different types of stitches. Both features are still in development but you can get a feel for the direction the app is taking.

Over the next weeks, we will focus mainly on how images are imported, processed and placed. Once this feature is more usable and stable, we will be moving to the stitch editor, expanding its possibilities. This will allow you to start creating your favorite stitches.



Video Killed the Manual Star

We’ve kept our London machine busy during the last weeks shooting video tutorials. The content we are creating will help you get to know how a Kniterate knitting machine works.

We’ve already shot many clips and will soon start recording the voice over. 

The wonderful voice of our London-based backer Valentina Karellas will guide you through the different steps necessary to operate Kniterate. You may remember her from the video A New Normal. Thanks so much Valentina! 


An outtake during a shooting session


Read our first team post here, where Alex talks about his visit to the Symposium on Computational Fabrication.

The team posts are an opportunity to meet the people who, through their hard work, make Kniterate possible. We have more coming!



We have used 57.45% of the cash we’ve received from you (from 52% on our last update). 42.55% of all the funds you have given to us are safely deposited.




CurrentJul 26Aug 23Sep 27
Pay Deposit$1,900$2,100$2,300$2,500
…and the rest later$6,599$6,899$7,199$7,499


(inc. VAT)CurrentJul 26Aug 23Sep 27
Pay Deposit€2,280€2,520€2,760€3,000
…and the rest later€6,519€6,679€6,839€6,999


(inc. VAT)CurrentJul 26Aug 23Sep 27
Pay Deposit£2,280£2,520£2,760£3,000
…and the rest later£5,519£5,779£5,939£6,199


CurrentJul 26Aug 23Sep 27
Pay DepositC$1,900C$2,100C$2,300C$2,500
…and the rest laterC$9,499C$9,899C$10,399C$10,899


Thanks for reading our update!

Visit our community if you have any questions.

-Kniterate Team


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