End of discounts, we are in the last push to ship!

September 26, 2019


Hi there,

This is a short update from the assembly line.


We are looking to ship the first units in late November 2019. Kniterate knitting machines are being assembled as we write this update but a key component is missing: aspects of the PCBs are still being finalized.

PCBs are part of what we call the control system. Developing this component internally has been one of the main challenges we’ve had during our journey to ship at scale.


A short break: On innovation in the knitting industry

There are two categories of automated knitting machine companies, those that have their own control system and those that don’t. Only a few, likely to be the brand names you know (Stoll or Shima Seiki) have their own. The remaining companies manufacture similar knitting machines and pay to use the control system and, indirectly, the software.

This means that, to an extent, the control system maker needs to cater to the lowest common denominator. Consequently, any forward-thinking machine manufacturers out there are unable to innovate outside the parameters imposed by the market. This stifles innovation, by locking companies, and makes it very hard to stand out.

We are proud to be part of the elite group of companies that fully owns their knitting technology. It makes Kniterate an independent company with full control of its hardware and software. This gives us the ability to constantly innovate and shape the product for you.

The only limit is our collective imagination.

…and back to manufacturing


So here we are, the last piece of hardware that we need to finalize is a subset of the PCBs.

What happened?

During the testing of the last iteration of boards, we spotted issues that ended up requiring improvements and the development of a new PCB version. None of them are big by themselves but collectively they make it necessary to produce another iteration.

We are now on the final stage of making these changes and the order of the new boards is scheduled for the 10th of October. We expect to receive the boards a week later and after that we want to do a lot of testing before the machines leave our factory.

In any case, we are sure you’re curious about what’s happening at the factory floor, where the Kniterate manufacturing team is hard at work. Here are some pictures:

Can you spot yours?

All the carriage cams being assembled ready to be added into the machine


Side panels sub-assemblies also ready to go


AC servo motor sub-assemblies with the closed belt wrapped around


The design app is part of the technology we are building from scratch. As we finalize the development of the first machines, we will progressively be shifting most of our R&D efforts to the continued improvement of the software.

Lately, we’ve been working on two fronts: 1) improving the functionality of the symbols of the stitch editor, to be able to edit shapes and stitches more easily, and 2) the option columns, to be able to control all the knitting parameters of the machine associated to those symbols.

We are not able to show you any of these two advances as they have not reached a usable state. We are still improving them and a few other features so we will push these changes over the next days and let you know on the Machine Backers forum. Please keep an eye for some action!


Final pricing hits the shelves!

Tomorrow is your last day to get a discounted Kniterate. It’s been a long journey but…hooray to manufacturing Kniterate’s first units!


On Friday, at midnight (Pacific Time), our knitting machines will sell at their full price and the required deposit will go up.

Here’s one simple pricing structure from now on! 











Pay Deposit





…and the rest later





Please get in touch by answering this email if you have any questions or require an official quote.

We are particularly interested in increasing our presence in academic institutions and makerspaces. Please get in touch if you are planning to use Kniterate to teach or share it with others.



Thanks for your unwavering support!

-Kniterate Team

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