Good news, everyone (and Happy Holidays!)

December 20, 2019


Hi everyone,

We apologize for this slightly delayed update at such a busy time for everyone. We wanted to be confident that we would start shipping before the year ended to share good news with you. 

Here’s a small brief of what’s happened at Kniterate since our last update. We will also send a newsletter before the year ends, the one with the first machines leaving the factory.



If you’ve followed us you were aware that we were having issues with our electronics, after a deep investigation and a bunch of hours at the oscilloscope, we were finally able to solve the issue and now our knitting machines can be updated from an SD card. Hooray to an always-up-to-date Kniterate knitting machine!


We’ve been doing final 24/7 testing runs on the firsts units to be shipped. It’s a sight worth seeing:

A fully assembled Early Bird Kniterate machine being tested

Night shift

⚠️ Caution!👣

  • These tables are used for factory testing purposes only and are dangerous for normal working conditions.
  • Under no circumstance, you should order a table with a surface smaller than the footprint of the machine.
  • Please visit our community if you have any questions regarding the best tables for your Kniterate.


We are also celebrating our first regulatory win after obtaining the CE certificate last week by ordering the CE plates for your knitting machines. 

Timeline Update & Balance Payments

  • Early Bird – Units expected to start shipping next week
  • Batch 1 – Units shipping from February 2020 onward
  • Batch 2 + 3 – Units shipping from April 2020 onward (calling balances soon)
  • Batch 4 – Units shipping from June 2020 onward
  • Batch 5 – Units shipping from July 2020 onward

With the shipping of our momentous Early Bird, Kniterate takes a big leap forward. Now comes sourcing for Batch 1 and also collecting the balances for Batch 2 and Batch 3, both of which we will manufacture together. We need to keep the factory cracking on at full capacity!

The day we send our email confirming the shipping of the first units, we will also contact those who put a deposit down for Batch 2 and 3 for the payment of the remaining balance. 

You will have 14 days to pay upon receiving the email, which means payment around mid-January. We will also contact a percentage of backers from later batches to let them know that if someone has not responded or paid the remaining balance after the required time they will have the option to “move up the queue” and receive their unit before. That will allow us to move fast and act with scale.

Do let us know if you have any questions, we are here to help and make things easy for you.

Shipping bundles

We will be optimizing shipping to reduce the costs for you to a minimum. This means that we will bundle 10-15 Kniterate units in containers based first, on geographic area and second, on the time the pre-order was made. 

If the speed of delivery is more important than shipping affordability, let us know soon, as we can accommodate this. 


(Other) Exciting Happenings

Neil Gaiman 

Our project with UNHCR and Twitter has come to an end with the pieces we created currently on exhibition at the UN Global Refugee Forum in Geneva.

We had the immense honour to work with the writer Neil Gaiman, who was incredibly supportive of what we were doing. 

Thanks Neil!

The team, and particularly Anne, put a lot of work to make this happen, so a big thank you to her and everyone directly involved, including the Twitter for Good and UNHCR teams!

Kniterate NYC

One of our first Kniterate units will be going to our Early Bird backer Olgalyn Jolly. We’ve been in touch with Olgalyn for a while and recently met her in NY. We are very grateful that she has accepted being our ambassador in the Big Apple.

Our journey in NYC will most likely start at our investors’ office in Midtown Manhattan, from where Olgalyn will pursue her personal projects but also find time to share her Kniterate knitting machine with you. We will share details about how to meet with her in January.

Hello Tomorrow

We were selected among 5,000 applicants from 128 different countries as Deep Tech Pioneers. You can meet us at the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit in Paris on 12th-13th March, 2020! 🥂


Give the gift of Kniterate

Visit our product page to pre-order now, schedule a live demo or request a quote. We’d love to hear from you! 

Pay Deposit$2,500€3,000£3,000C$2,500
…and the rest later$7,499€6,999£6,999C$10,899


Thanks for reading! That’s all for now, we will be working hard over the next week and we’ll be in touch soon!

We wish you all Happy Holidays! 

-Kniterate Team

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