Happy New Year 2020! WE ARE SHIPPING!

December 31, 2019


Thank you!

Dear Kniterate customers and followers,

We couldn’t finish 2019 in a better way than by shipping the first production of Kniterate knitting machines, today!

The first 3 Kniterate machines ready to meet their owners

To mark this major milestone for our company, we would like to acknowledge all of the Kickstarter backers who made this company possible by supporting it. Thank you so much for taking a leap of faith with your time and money.

A special thank you goes to those that supported the project even earlier when it was only an incipient prototype full of big ideas.

The first sketches of Kniterate started in 2013, as an undergraduate project. As we end 2019 those sketches have become a real product that people will be using across studios, makerspaces and research labs.

As you know, it has been a long and windy journey, full of memorable moments and difficult ones. We’ve learned a lot and made many mistakes, and finally, after what has been the ride of our lives, we are incredibly proud to see these first machines rolling out from the factory to you.

The first production Kniterate

We are very excited about what you are going to do with them. We hope that Kniterate enables you to make things you had never thought possible.

To be clear, there is a lot more work to do. We still need to produce many, many more units, which will take several months. We are moving as quickly as we can, ensuring that every Kniterate machine is built to last. Today we have shipped our first 3 units out of 25. The remaining units are being prepared to be shipped after NYE.

The interior of the crate with the Kniterate well protected for the long journey just started

Lastly, we would like to thank those that have helped turn all of our wild ideas into a reality: Tom, Shane, Jocelyn, Eric, Donny, Héctor, Dani, Chen, Alex, Anne, Jason, Darren, Jipke, Marc, Francesc, Nat, Duncan, Freddie, Carolyn, Piers, Laurence, Ben, Stefan. A special thanks goes to our friends, family and loving partners, Marina and Emily.

Thank you.

-Gerard and Triam, Kniterate founders

Loading the machines onto the truck to be taken to the port

Some more

With the machine travels a box of accessories containing the items below.

Tools and spare parts to operate the machine

We will provide more information about these in the instruction manual we’ve been working on. With over 50 pages filled with text, illustrations, and photographs, we are soon going to finalize the first version.

We will be releasing the manual and much more learning and practical content as the first units are about to be delivered.

Next machines

As discussed in our previous newsletter, over the next hours we will start sending out emails calling for the remaining balance to Batch 2 and Batch 3 backers who paid a partial deposit.

This process will have ended by Friday the 3rd of January, so don’t worry if you don’t receive your email today. Once you receive the payment link, you will have 14 days to make the payment.

We will also approach a small number of backers from remaining batches to let them know, that if backers from the previous batches miss the payment, they will be able to move up the queue if they want to. This will be based on geographic areas to optimize delivery costs.

As we said, this is just to keep the factory running continuously and it doesn’t mean you will lose your deposit or the opportunity to receive your Kniterate. You will just move up or down the shipping queue.

If you have any questions let us know when you receive your email.

We look forward to seeing all the things you make with your Kniterate this decade!

Have a Happy New Year!

-Kniterate team

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