February 2020 Progress update

February 13, 2020


China: Production Delays

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus in China, factories remain closed, which has had an important impact on global supply chains. Since the start of the Chinese New Year we have not been able to source components or to move our goods through ports. Communicating with staff in the companies supplying us have has been difficult given that the workforce was not authorized to return to their offices. 

We apologize for the lack of communication with our Early Bird backers, whose units are already in transit or who were expecting their units sooner. To keep our backers as informed as possible we used a post on our community to share the updates we received from our Chinese team.

Things are expected to slowly start getting back to normal next week and we will pick up steam and start delivering units to the remaining backers.

A shipped Kniterate is up and running

Before China came to a halt we were able to ship five machines, four of which are still in transit. We expect they will be reaching their destinations very soon. 

The other unit arrived at the Faculty of Design Sciences of Antwerp University in Belgium. Gerard and Anne traveled there to witness this historical moment for our company.

Here are our first happy backers, with their very first piece. 

Prof. Jouke Verlinden (left) and Vincent Nulens (right)

We took this opportunity to film the unpacking and setting up process. Many of you have been wondering how to get the machine from the crate into the table and this will give you a much better idea of what the process entails.

Excerpt from the video, coming soon.

We also took new product shots with a final production Kniterate. We will use these to update our website as we believe that the new pictures do much better justice to this amazing product!

Currently working on the post-production of these images

Instructions manual

Not only have you been thinking about how to setup Kniterate in your workshop, but you’ve also been wondering how you actually play and create with your Kniterate!

After some months of work, we are finally releasing the first version of the instructions and safety manual for your Kniterate knitting machine. If you’ve pre-ordered, you will be able to find it in the backers-only section of our community forums.

We will continue working on the manual during the next months, ironing out some of its details, expanding its content and incorporating your feedback, but we couldn’t wait to share it with you. We think it’s at the right place to learn a lot more about your machine.

Extract of the manual

Software 🐘

It’s time to face the elephant in the room. The software has not moved at the speed the team had hoped for and in no way looks the way you had come to expect. It’s important to acknowledge this because we’ve communicated explicitly or implicitly that the experience of using Kniterate would be simple and beautiful.

We ask you for your patience (which you have always shown). You know we can make incredible things happen: we shipped a complex hardware product with a very small team and budget by being incredibly capital efficient and thoughtful of your priorities.

For the most part, hardware can’t be updated, so shipping a product from the factory floor we were confident with was very important. Software, on the other hand, can be updated from the comfort of our desks, so it allows us more flexibility. 

Now that the first units have been shipped, we’ve been moving more company resources into software development and are making great progress. We’ve developed a few new features, two of the main ones being the ability to save your designs and compile them to knit them with your machine. We will be releasing our latest version later this month. Our international software development team is also getting together in March for an intense two-week session at our London office.

To increase transparency in our software development process and communicate with you in a better way we are putting together a public timeline. This will allow you to track what is happening with the app development, future updates and see what is next. 

Also, we would like to hear from you and know how you plan to use your Kniterate machine. We want to make sure we are going in the right direction with our development. To participate please access the brief form in the backers-only section of our forum. It will only be 5 minutes!

In conclusion, we are working very hard to move the software to where it can take advantage of all of Kniterate’s capabilities. Your Kniterate is a powerful machine with incredible capabilities and each time the software takes a step forward you will be able to access more of those capabilities.

Thank you,

The Kniterate team

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