May and June 2020 Progress Update

June 24, 2020


First, we want to share a message with all of you in response to the recent events in our communities. You can read it here.

Despite the difficult circumstances 2020, and especially the last months, have brought for everyone, the work we are all doing gets us closer to a more fun time. 

It’s exciting to announce that despite all the hiccups and delays we are getting close to shipping the remaining units of the Early Bird batch. We can’t wait for more people to work with their machines! Having said that, there will be a slight delay of three weeks explained in the next section. 

From our recent experience with the first deliveries, you will be busy learning how to use the machine, generating files, and adjusting your yarns. This means you will have lots of questions. Because of this, we are doing a lot of work in the background so that you have an easy and dynamic source of knowledge, and to do this we have created a new role within the company to support you.



Our PCB assembly factory had a considerable backlog of orders from its other customers, which put the assembly of the new boards on hold for a few days. 

The boards have now been produced and were delivered last week. We installed the electronics immediately into some machines and they have been running non-stop for a week. We are happy to say no issues have arisen, which puts us close to resuming shipping.


Replacing electronics

Machines will continue running until they are shipped. As of today, we have installed 14 sets of electronics and have 14 machines running.

However, we’ve been focusing on getting 10 machines ready to ship first. So from these 14 machines, only 10 of them are, at the moment, fully calibrated. These 10 machines require a bit more testing. Once that is done the casing will be added, we will clean them and then pack them up.

Before we can start calibrating the remaining machines, they will need to be running for a few days so that all the mechanical parts are well lubricated and ready to work smoothly. This will not be a problem as we are able to keep these yet-to-be-calibrated machines warming up while we finish work with the first 10.



Over the last days, we’ve been reviewing and updating the software timeline we made public. Our aim was to try and incorporate all that we’ve learned about the design app over the last months. Now that we’ve developed a bunch of features, we are in a better position to estimate the timings for the upcoming releases and be a bit more granular with them. 

As things take shape, new requirements show up along the way. These need to be addressed before we can move on to other features that were planned previously. An example is the development of more templates. One of these new requirements that we will start implementing in a couple of weeks is a scene graph, which will make the design app work the way modern design software does. (i.e. Adobe).

We are planning a software release this week. Check our private machine backer’s forum to find out more. You can also check our hardware and software timelines on the private machine backer’s forum.

This is all for now, we have a few cool surprises which are the product of a lot of work by the team and that we will be rolling out over the next weeks. We are working hard on getting machines out of the door as soon as possible and start manufacturing Batch 1 but we are still available for you, so don’t forget to share your questions on our community board.

Thank you!


-Kniterate Team

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