The Collaborative Mask Project

July 31, 2020


As we start shipping machines again we wanted to share a project to bring the community together. Our masks have been designed in London, prototyped in Utrecht and soon you will be able to knit them locally and help us improve them.

Kniterate’s knitting machine creates these seamless 3D knitted masks in one go, ready to use as they come out of the machine. No sewing required. Washable and reusable.

The shape of the mask around the face is achieved with short-rowing in the chin and nose areas. This process alternates with the creation of the ear loops, that are simultaneously knitted with elastic yarn to provide an easy and comfortable fit. The top and bottom edges are also knitted with elastic yarn to provide a snug fit and prevent droplets from getting inside through the edges.

The light green mask has two layers and an aperture on the inside. This creates a pocket that allows the introduction of a filter, increasing protection. This mask also has a smaller pocket right above the nose where we introduced a thin and flat aluminum piece to provide a better fit around the nose. 

The yellow and green mask also has two layers with a double-bed jacquard. This mask doesn’t have a pocket as the jacquard connects both layers. It requires one more yarn feeder to carry that second yarn for the pattern.

We are working on new features on the design app so that you can collaborate in improving this design very soon. 

Interested? Get in touch here.

The Kniterate masks are non-medical masks and are not N95 respirators or surgical masks, such materials should continue to be reserved for front-line healthcare professionals, who face increased exposures to coronavirus.

Thank you!

-Kniterate Team

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