Feb-Mar 2021 Progress Update

April 09, 2021



All the machines for the current batch have been assembled and we are now in the calibration process. This process is slow as we want to make sure the machines work flawlessly before they are shipped out. We’ve calibrated a fourth of the machines of the batch and continue working on that as our main focus.

Once machines are calibrated, we get them knitting for a few days, to make sure they can knit consistently without any error. Once that is true, we clean them, wrap them and crate them, ready to leave the factory.

Before we start knitting with the machines, we oil them well and have them running as seen above, day and night non-stop for at least 4 days for them to run very smoothly. After this process we start calibrating them.

We expect to have most of the machines ready to be shipped by the end of this month. We will be reaching out to the backers of this batch over the next few days to collect shipping addresses.

Re-Design for Manufacturing and Assembly

During the month of March we’ve been working very closely with our new manufacturer in Europe. We finally got all the parts of the new prototype and we’ve been able to put most of them together. All the mechanical parts have been assembled and everything is looking good. Many changes were made for this redesign, including new molds and jigs, but it seems a new iteration won’t be necessary as we’ve been able to assemble and partly calibrate it with success.

In order to confirm this new design is 100% ready, the next step is to install all the electronics, to be able to have the machine fully calibrated and running for a long period of time. We expect to do this testing during April and have a clear answer before the month ends.

If results are positive, we will move ahead with the production of the next batch of machines right away, which would have an estimated shipping date in July. In case any amendments were needed, this date would be pushed by a few weeks.

The biggest update is a cast body, which makes the machine much faster to assemble due to a great part count reduction. The machined surfaces help guide the assembly process providing tighter tolerances, thus, a faster calibration process.


A new design app version was released this week. Main updates are:

    · Stitch sizes get saved
    · More jacquard options
    · Better compiler stability
    · Waste yarn sequence corrected

We continue looking for a front-end developer, please give us a shout if you can think of someone that could be interested.

New Office!📢

We are very excited to show you our new office, in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Having our own space is going to allow us to have our demo machine fully accessible at any time. From now on, we will be able to take more calls to provide better customer service, test your yarns, and make more knits!

If you have any questions or want to book a demo you can do it here.

Many thanks for your support and patience,
Kniterate Team

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