Jan-Feb 2022 Progress Update

March 21, 2022



The transition of manufacturing from China to Barcelona is going smoothly. We recently got our new space and spent the last days arranging all the components we’ve received.

Day 1 of Kniterate’s new space in Barcelona.

There are still some other pending components coming from China that we are expecting to receive before the month ends. Despite that, we’ve been able to start assembling the first machines before we receive those. We estimate that the first machine will be shipped in early May.

Some other components are sourced locally. Over the last few months, we have been speaking with local suppliers for the production of those components and have been enjoying the fact that we can interact directly with them. Giving them a call at any moment or visiting them to discuss the details is fantastic. We haven’t been able to travel to China since the pandemic started, and we’ve been missing visiting suppliers to see and discuss how the components for the Kniterate machines are made.

We’ve been happy to hear from several local suppliers that we are not the only company moving manufacturing from China to Spain. They are getting many new customers doing the same process we just did. The pandemic undoubtedly has caused and is still causing much pain to everyone; on the flip side, it is an exciting period to see manufacturing dynamics slowly shifting globally. The pandemic has accelerated this reshoring trend.


We have been making good progress with the creation of parametric templates. And recently knitted a tank top made entirely from the Design App.

Our first shaped piece designed entirely in the graphic interface of the Design App.

The template for this tank top is not yet available as it is not completed.
The tank top was made by combining a few steps on the Design App, inserting a few macros with different decreasing schedules. We continue working on it, and once we’ve fine-tuned these macros further, we will put them together to create the template, which will make the process more streamlined.

This is the road towards the sweater template. Once the tank top template is released, we will work on adding the sleeves and the collar to it to complete the sweater. It will require slightly different shaping, but we now have macros that can add decreases based on parameters, which is a great stepping stone. We have also started to work on macros to increase stitches; with macros for increases and decreases, creating new templates will be more straightforward.

In the previous newsletter, we announced we released a new and upgraded user interface (it can be found here, for backers only), we have continued working on it, and it is now possible to compile designs from it.

Kniterate courses

We are very excited to let you know that Olgalyn, one of our early bird customers, has been mastering the Kniterate machine and has started an online course to teach you how to use it.

Session 2 teaches us how to make jacquards.

After decades of machine knitting and teaching, she is putting her knowledge into these courses for you to make the most of the Kniterate machine. She covers topics from the basic principles of knitting technology to Kniterate tips and tricks. Olgalyn includes real examples to improve your experience with the software and the machine.

You can access the courses at https://digitalknit.design/ and take advantage of the introductory price through March 31.

Thank you for reading!
-The Kniterate team

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