ATTRACT Student Program “Future Technologies for Sustainable Fashion”

July 06, 2023


During May and June, Kniterate has collaborated with the ATTRACT Student Program Future Technologies for Sustainable Fashion , offering our tech to the students for the realization of their projects.

Funded by the European project ATTRACT and led by CERN, multidisciplinary students from IED Barcelona and Fab Lab Barcelona IAAC, have worked together to explore how the use of emerging and disruptive technologies could reverse the environmental impact that the fashion system has on the planet.

The projects face problems of the current era caused by climate change, such as eco-anxiety, lack of water, air pollution, or the increase in global temperature, presenting smart clothes that could improve the ability of humans to adapt to the environment.

To address these complex issues, tutors thought about expanding the availability of production methods and materials, leading them to explore the potential of knitting.

Despite lacking a background in textiles, the students eagerly participated in a workshop where we introduced them to our knitting software and machine. The workshop showcased the possibilities and techniques achievable through knitting, inspiring the students. As a result, knitting became a key element of all the projects, either as the primary textile technology or utilized for specific functions.

The students rapidly embraced the immediacy and versatility of digital knitting with Kniterate. The ability to design unique ideas on a computer and witness the creation of high-quality pieces before their eyes stimulated their creativity and pushed their boundaries.

We trust that the newfound knowledge and skills the students learned will be valuable assets in their future projects.

After a few iterations to fine-tune their pieces, these are the 4 projects that were created:

A sound-absorbing garment that provides emotional communication and anxiety relief

Ataraxis – Autumnlin Kietponglert, Luis Alexander Alvarado, Paula Sánchez


A water-collecting jacket that condenses air humidity and allows direct hydration

PuffAir- Anna Cain, Julia Rodríguez, Nico García


A thermal-adapting garment

Cimatique- Virginia Cerutti, Elena Cerciello, Candelaria Etcheverry


An air-purifying cape

Airoshell- Florian Esser, Mirjam Mahle, Vivyan Zhang 


And here are some photos of the development processes:

We have been happy to participate in such an interesting program and support the amazing ideas of this promising group of students.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No101004462. During the realization of the projects, students explored how to use Megamorph, an emerging and disruptive ATTRACT technology.

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