Back End JavaScript Developer

We are looking for an experienced JavaScript developer. You will be working on the back end of our design platform. The program transforms the digital designs into machine instructions, allowing garments to be produced with the Kniterate machine.

K-code is a set of low-level instructions that describe any operations that the machine can undertake (WIP specifications can be found here).

An API will be developed to host the K-code generator on a server and standalone apps will be created with Electron.

Your Work at Kniterate

You’ll be working with the firmware developer and the front end developer to achieve a flawless integration of the Kniterate system.

About You

Knowledge about knitting is a plus but not a requirement. A minimum two-week training in China (where the machines are manufactured) will be required to get you up to speed with digital knitting machine technology.

Working hours: Full time
Location: London (China for 2 weeks minimum at the beginning of the position. All covered).
Start date: May 2018
Compensation: Standard market salary rates or a mix of salary and ownership in the company through options.

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