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    You can read our latest update here.

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    This is so exciting! Huge progress.

    A couple of remaining pressing questions.
    1. Please recommend a US table.
    2. Please provide an estimate of shipping costs. When do we pay shipping?
    3. I’m also concerned about a strict 2 week deadline from notification to you receiving payment as I have to withdraw some dedicated funds for this.
    4. Unless I’m missing something, the software is still quite rudimentary – less than perhaps an alpha version. I have enough coding background that I’d love to see the assembly instructions that will ultimately come from the GUI. Is this possible? There was an early version but we were also cautioned that the underlying code had been modified.
    5. I believe I’m speaking for the majority – WE CAN’T WAIT! 🙂

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    Colorado (more than just fly over territory – we’re almost the center of the US!!)

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    Very exciting indeed!
    Shipping next week??? It will be very difficult in this period of the month to find people to move the kniterate to the right place……
    I am concerned about the software too and the lack of information about how to operate the Kniterate.

    Would it be possible to put the pallet on (heavy) brake wheels for transport?

    Merry X-Mas and Happy Holidays 🙂


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    Robert Ingemarsson
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    Agreed on the software – for those getting their machines before the new year the software does not look useful at this stage, and ways away from the original vision that was sold to backers.

    When is this being addressed?

    Also, how much of the software is backend API’s and how much is in the web front end. This is important to know should we wish to use in offline mode – ie can we use the software offline As a progressive web app or do we have to be connected all the time.

    Merry Christmas and congratulations on this major milestone 🙂


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    Gerard Rubio
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    Hi @margit @lydia @ingmarson, apologies for the delay. I hope you had a fantastic holiday.

    Leaving shipping related questions aside for my colleague, I’ll try to reply to some of your other questions below:

    You are right the software is at an early stage of development. Now we’ve started shipping, machine development is almost done (some optimization of the process required) so we’ve started shifting energies to the software development. We expect now to be moving at a slightly faster pace and push updates more often. We will soon start looking to increase our software team to be able to speed up the development process.

    We will be releasing the K-code once we’ve completed its documentation in a few weeks.

    We will also publish a manual to learn how to operate and maintain the machine when the first machines start arriving.

    You will have to be online to be able to use the software.

    You could put wheels on the pallet of the crate, you’d need a tool to lift it first though.

    For table details please follow this thread

    Thank you,

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    2. Please provide an estimate of shipping costs. When do we pay shipping?

    Shipping costs vary a lot by areas. We would like to complete a few shipments from shipping to delivery in a few key areas across Europe and the US to give better estimates, we are also looking at the final impact of US tariffs.

    The aim is to optimize costs as we ship more and more units.

    Shipment of payment is done around the time your order is being shipped (or one month before delivery)

    We are learning a lot with every shipment, with two more units being dispatched tomorrow.

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