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    I would like to see the kniterate before committing my business to it. So does any of you live in Northern Franse, Belgium or the Netherlands and would like to demonstrate it?


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    Gerard Rubio
    Gerard Rubio
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    Hi beatever,
    Many thanks for your interest.

    Unfortunately, we can’t show you the machine at the moment, all of our team is based in China working on the development and manufacturing of the machines. You will be able to see the machine in action in London around May-June 2018, when we have shipped the machines. At that time the price will be €8,099.

    Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us (Contact section) if you have any questions about how Kniterate can support your business.

    Thank you,

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    Laine Rebelle
    Laine Rebelle

    This post is one year old…could be since then a kniterate machine has been delivered in France ?

    We are starting to produce yarn in the south of France from our own flocks and from fleeces we are collecting and sorting at farms.
    Our objective in the end is also to knit finished goods.
    We are interested in the kniterate machine and we have already asked several questions to the team and will probably plan a visit to london with our yarn.
    But we are also interested in talking with french users if any

    Flo – Laine rebelle

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    Triambak Saxena
    Triambak Saxena
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    Dear Flo,

    Thanks for your interest.

    We still have not delivered Kniterate to our backers.

    Looking forward to your visit in our London office, please complete this form if you haven’t:

    All the best,
    Triambak Saxena

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    Hello, I live in France and I am looking for owners in Europe of a Kniterate machine to make me a dozen sweaters.
    Thank you

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