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    Triambak SaxenaTriambak Saxena
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    You can read our latest update here.

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    Can’t find the actual timeline… I get a Page not found error.

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    Thanks for the update!
    Could you tell us what you do with the Kniterate machines already delivered? If you need to change the configuration of the Kniterate again, what about the already manufactured ones which are ready for shipment.


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    Dear entire Kniterate team,

    This update must have been extremely difficult for you as you made very tough decisions. Many would have just given up.

    While I am disappointed for sure, I applaud you for your gracious efforts to enable a path for those that can’t afford to wait and also enable creative timing for others. Your consistent top priority is to develop a stellar machine. Having been in the software and hardware development industries for much of my career, you are absolutely not the first to underestimate time to market or encounter unexpected challenges. Extremely large and successful companies have completely revamped their processes and retooled multi-billion $ fabrication facilities to “design for manufacturability.”

    I believe in you and Kniterate. It will revolutionize the garment industry … just a bit later than expected. Who could possibly expected or predicted the havoc Covid has on our entire world’s population.

    Keep on keeping on and thank you for having the integrity and courage to “do right.”

    Margit Tritt
    Colorado, USA

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    Any Update for my self if I could have any idea it would be much appreciated

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