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    Triambak SaxenaTriambak Saxena
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    Dear backers,

    We will not be offering refunds for the delay published on the 10th of May.

    We are working very hard everyday to get to you the best Kniterate knitting machine, and to do it as soon as possible. We are a young startup with a small team that is trying to bring a new technology to the world. This will always come with unexpected hiccups, but we are overcoming them all.

    Our aim is to treat all our backers fairly. From the beginning we have been transparent about the risks involved and how we have been using our (your) resources. You, as part of our community, makes Kniterate possible.

    We are working tirelessly to produce the fastest and most reliable desktop digital machine your money can buy. Our ambition is to support our community with incredible products and provide widespread access to Kniterate’s technology.

    Keeping the collective integrity of your funds is an important part of pushing the project through the finish line. We are not backed by millions (or thousands) in venture funding to backstop potential leakages. A run on the project by a minority could lead to an irreparable situation for the overall community.

    We are really thankful for the patience you’ve shown till now and the encouraging messages backers and non-backers send us every day.

    The way all of us produce and interact with clothes is set to change forever when the first units of Kniterate are shipped.

    More than apologies. How can we help you?

    Many of you are understandably disappointed because the delay affects your business plans. We are really sorry this has happened but want to offer more than an apology and take the opportunity to engage with you in more meaningful ways.

    As part of our testing phase, we want to offer you the possibility to produce samples. This will help you understand how our knitting machine works and to be familiar with its processes. It will allow you to design knitwear for Kniterate, test yarns and see how setting different parameters affects the final product.

    By the time you get your unit, you will have already completed a big part of the learning process and will be ready to hit the ground running.

    We aim to make this available by September of 2018. We want to emphasize that this is not a service to produce large quantities, it’s for the creation of one-off samples and it will only be available for backers of units to be shipped in 2019: Batch 1 (January), 2 and 3 units.

    A waiting list will be managed by a fashion director working directly with you. We’ve received many brilliant applications for the position so far and we believe that by September someone trained and knowledgeable about the Kniterate technology will be working with us either in London or China.

    If you are a knitwear designer, consider applying if this sounds like a cool opportunity!

    Please share your thoughts and ideas below.

    Thank you.
    -The Kniterate Team

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    oh! It will be great to try to knit one of my dolls in September!! Could you tell me if I need to do something to be able to be one of the lucky testers?

    Thansk Triam!!!

    Triambak Saxena
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    Triambak SaxenaTriambak Saxena
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    That would be an interesting project! Let’s get in touch by email.

    The only “limit we put in place is that backers from the first two batches, whose machine is expected to be delivered before 2019, will not have access to this if we are very busy making things.


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    I am so excited by this offer! Will you use your yarn or can I provide my high quality alpaca yarn (that works wonderfully in Silver Reed standard gauge knitting machines) for my prototype?

    Triambak Saxena
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    Triambak SaxenaTriambak Saxena
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    @margit Whichever you prefer, but we wouldn’t be able to fund the shipping. Is that OK?

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    Hi Triam, It’s great that you are making this service available, thanks.

    I would love an opportunity to test the local fiber and design that I am planning to use.

    I guess once we have access to the software, we create the design in the software, share that with your knitwear designer, and mail you the fiber that we are planning to use. You would load our design and yarn on your machine and knit our garment and mail it back to us.

    Is that how you envision the process?

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    Triambak SaxenaTriambak Saxena
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    Yes, pretty much, although if there are things that the software can’t do yet, we may be able to code them with the knitter who will be working with us and who will have learned the K-code.

    We’ll try our best to make things possible!

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