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    Hello, Please can you tell me if the software will be Mac compatible? From what I have understood, there will be an on-line design tool as well as downloadable software. Is this correct? Will I be able to use both on my iMac? Many thanks…!

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    Triambak SaxenaTriambak Saxena
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    Hi! Yes it runs on a browser, so compatible on any operating system.

    Thank you!

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    Robert Ingemarsson
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    Can you clarify this please.

    Is it a downloaded app that then services itself in a browser or a browser app that runs on your servers

    Is there any backend server code needed to produce designs – asking to understand what happens if you go out of business

    Also will you support offline mode for working offline?

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    Triambak SaxenaTriambak Saxena
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    Hi @Robert Ingemarsson,

    The app is hosted in the cloud and run from by us on servers.

    We will support and offline mode as soon as the usage of the software takes off and investing in developing that branch of the product is sustainable. Having said that, offline versions of online cloud products, for example, Spotify, are reasonably straightforward to produce.


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    where can I find more information about the software?
    I am working on AI generated designs and those would be in form of code. What are the code abilities of Kniterate?
    Which language will Knietarate operate?


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    Triambak SaxenaTriambak Saxena
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    Hi Magda!

    Only people who have pre-ordered the machine have access to Kniterate’s software.

    We are developing an API but will only make it public when it’s stable and ready to be supported by the team. This is not our current focus.

    Kniterate operates its own code, K-Code.

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    Any chance API and software development can get a regular spot in the monthly communications? All the status on the machines is great, but how we interface with the machine is just as important.

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    I would also like to know about the software updates. As of now the online beta version of the software is not sufficient to do anything more than color work. Is there any documentation about how you made the items that were featured in the videos? I am supposed to be receiving my machine in February and as of now I won’t have any way to use it because the software is not navigable. Will there be a garment designer as well?

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    Gerard RubioGerard Rubio
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    Hi @spizer, @the-y-y-girl,

    Now machines are being shipped, we will shift most of our energies into the software. Our monthly communication will be much richer in software news from now on and we will also be pushing changes to the site more regularly.

    There is no documentation about how the items featured on the videos were made. All those items were made using an array of different ad-hoc tools and a bunch of manual editing of the k-code. That is a cumbersome process that we are starting to incorporate into the design app to make the process much easier. This comes down to what you point as the interface to control the machine, you are absolutely right this is as important as the hardware. Now we’ve sorted the machine part of the equation, as said, all the team will balance towards the software to speed up its development. We are also looking into increasing the software team soon to level up its development.

    We will keep you posted. Thank you.

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