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    Hello there,

    I’m new here, a machine knitter and on my brother KH891 machine the MC button has stopped working it won’t click in. I’m looking to replace the carriage and wondering if I bought a slightly different model carriage would it work on my machine or do the carriage and the machine have to be the exact same model?

    One that I have found is KH836 which looks almost identical to mine.

    Thanks in advance for any advice!


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    Hi Carrie,

    this is not a machine knitting forum to post such questions.
    However I will help you out.

    You don’t have to buy a new carriage for your knitter.
    If the MC button blocks, just take a piece of cotton, some alcohol and use it like dental floss to clean around all the buttons. Try the MC button again if it moves. You can also drop one or two drops oil under the MC button and between the metal part. Try moving the button many times till it works again. In most of the cases this is an easy solution.

    However it could be that the carriage is full of fluff. In that case remove the handle and the plastic cover to clean it inside. You can find service manuals here for the information how to remove the parts;
    If you look for another carriage try to find a KH860 or higher number. There are slight differences between the carriages, some have the option to knit intarsia with the K-carriage.

    Hope it will help

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    Hello Lydia,

    I’m sorry I didn’t realise this but I know now thank you!

    Thanks so much for your response that’s so helpful, I’ll try that now. I really appreciate your help!

    Many thanks,

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