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Kniterate for Educators, Researchers & Labs

Backing from 13 universities


Four in the Top 50


We believe that making knitting technology accessible will power R&D, leading to a whole new class of products and interactions.

Textiles surround us. We find them in clothes, toys, furniture, vehicles, medical devices, soft robots, preforms, molds and geotextiles.

They can be made out of all kinds of materials, including elastic yarns, monofilament, thermoplastics and “advanced yarns,” a group of fibers containing conductors, insulators and semiconductors.



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How can Kniterate help you?


As a Research Tool

Never before has there been a tool for the digital fabrication of textiles made available at such an accessible price point and to such a degree of usability. We believe that Kniterate will help push the boundaries of your research to the next level by giving you the ability to prototype new methods and approaches right on your desktop.

Read some knitting-related research below:

For Makerspaces

Incorporate professional knitting production into your fab lab. Our technology is 10x cheaper and ⅓ of the size of industrial knitting machines but knits fabrics of comparable quality.

Stay at the forefront of innovation by providing engineers and designers with a tool to develop new prototypes and applications. Like with 3D printing, access to a new tool will lead to the next generation of products and startups.

In The Classroom

Encourage STEM skills and creativity by exposing students to professional-level technology that’s friendly. Students with different interests can come together and be engaged by learning skills from other disciplines, creating a stimulating environment that prepares them for the future.

By being one of the first to provide Kniterate you will be conferring your classroom with a unique competitive advantage.

Furthermore, the technology allows students to create objects which, unlike plastic prints, can be used in their daily life. We like to make things and we fall in love with the things we make!

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